Harnessing iBeacon technology to deliver the most technically advanced school bus tracking system

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What is ez enroute?

A touch-free, iBeacon-based student and bus tracking system. Created in Canada by an Edmonton school parent with seasoned, technology, education and school bus experts to meet the needs of parents, schools and bus operators to track and monitor students during school bus transit.

iBeacon Sensor

Affixed to the student backpack for touch-free tracking – no tapping or manual interaction

Completely Automated

Seamless system requires minimal manual intervention, minimizes human error for accuracy and safety!

No Hardware Installations

No bulky, complex hardware installations. Easy to implement, run and manage. Fully operational within just 24 hours!

How does this Work?

ez enRoute provides apps for parents and drivers and iBeacon sensors for students to record their check in and check out from the bus. This is how the system works

Where is the difference?

ez enRoute outperforms competitive student tracking systems, offering the only seamless, automated, secure and reliable platform to track and monitor students.

  • Technology

    ez enRoute is based on iBeacon technology, Apple’s latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol, enabling touchless, error-free student. RFID-based solutions need physical interaction.

  • Implementation

    RFID-based solutions require costly, installed hardware. ez enRoute requires no hardware and runs on inexpensive Android tablet or Smartphone with latest OS.

  • Security

    iBeacon sensors contain NO data and are perfectly secure. RFID-based tags contain actual information, with potential for data breaches.

One Solution. Many Benefits.

ez enRoute is a comprehensive solution for student tracking providing complete control to schools and bus operators and better safety assurance for parents.


Peace of mind, reduced stress and assurance through real-time notifications about bus location and children’s on-boarding and off-boarding.

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Reduced parent calls and better control over busing with real-time tracking of buses and students, analytics and key information for communication, route planning and decision-making

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Bus Operators

Easing daily operations and communications with real-time updates on all routes and critical info for fleet management.

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What Parents are saying about ez enroute?


My life has become so easy now. Now I can leave for my office without any worry. ez enRoute has helped me getting real time updates on whereabouts of my child and I can track the whole transit from my office or from my car.

Rachita Dixit
IT Executive

I was really worried about whether school hires the right kind of drivers after so much of incidences taking place on daily basis. But now with ez enRoute, I can keep an easy track on the commutation of my child with all real time updates which kind of gives me peace of mind.

Heena Batra