Intelligent Monitoring System – ez Traxs

To protect, simply track & monitor 24/7 for security to guardians and employees using ez Traxs

We build a digital personal security device that can monitor you with precise location. It can monitor your present motion detection, fall detection, and SOS Emergency Alerts. To protect employees, OR any senior persons anytime anywhere.

Advantages of Intelligent Monitoring System

  • Get user precise location in indoor location tracking using iBeacon technology & IoT Gateway.
  • Monitor a person’s real-time location using ez Traxs wearable app without any connectivity.
  • Analysis of every data with accurate information about particular zones OR buildings.
  • Get alerts from the smartwatch to track and help quickly outside or inside.
  • Monitor the presence of all activity with the artificially intelligent system.
  • IoT meets AI technology so it will help to care digitally and easily.

How it works


ez Traxs Wearable App

On Duty - Wearable App | ezTraxs
Track & monitor digitally with IoT Wearable application
SOS - Wearable App | ez Traxs
SOS emergency alert to notify your important priority

Not in motion alerts

Stuck OR injury happens and it's not in control at that time wearable app will notify you to come back in motion.

SOS emergency alerts

Are you in trouble? Nobody is there to help you out? Just touch on SOS for 3 seconds for trigger SOS alert.

Fall down alerts

People’s safety is our first priority. If a person falls unfortunately anytime so the app will ask “Hey are you okay?” and the person does not respond at that time the admin gets notification of fall down with an accurate location.

ez Traxs Web Dashboard

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