IoT Student Transportation Solution

iBeacon Technology | ez enRoute
iBeacon Sensor
Affixed to a backpack for touch-free tracking – no tapping or manual interaction required!
Completely Automated | ez enRoute
Completely Automated
The seamless, autonomous system minimizes human intervention to ensure accuracy and safety!
IoT Technology | ez enRoute
No Hardware Installations
No bulky, complex hardware installations. Easy to implement, run and manage. Fully operational within just 24 hours!
Advanced Student Transportation with ibeacon Bluetooth Technology

What makes us better?

Here are three aspects that make our student transportation platform better than the rest.
IoT Technology | ez enRoute
IoT Technology
Our seamless IoT technology focuses not only on accuracy, but also ease of use and efficiency. You can trust our platform to give real-time updates that keep students safe.
IoT Implementation | ez enRoute
RFID-based solutions require costly, installed hardware. ez enRoute requires no hardware and runs on inexpensive Android tablets or smartphones with the latest OS.
IoT Security | ez enRoute
We value security and privacy across the board. We keep students safe along with their data, ensuring that information is restricted to the school board and a child's parents or guardians.

One Solution, Many Benefits

A comprehensive solution for student tracking.

Track your child's journey to school. Get location monitoring for their school bus, updating in real-time for pick-up and drop-off.

School Boards

Keeping an eye on hundreds of children is no easy task. Add another effortless layer of attendance monitoring for students taking the bus to school.

Bus Operators

School bus operators & organizations can monitor their assigned buses and routes. Need better vehicle management? Be sure to check out our Fleet Management solutions!

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