Smart Cities

Smart Cities are about connecting citizens with their community. Smart City projects focus on integrating technology in pursuit of sustainability, safety, and cleanliness. Governments across the globe have changed their citizen engagement policies through the use of Internet of Things. The question here is – why? What do these motion sensors or beacons have to do with citizens? What is the role of cloud information in their daily lives? What do GPS trackers and WI-FI enabled networks do to support these individuals?

Smart City | ez enRoute

Whether it be pollution detection, public transportation tracking, or municipal service monitoring, our IoT Smart City solutions help you prioritize your health and your time.

Smart City - Mobile Application

Android application for a smart garbage collection system with real-time tracking through GPS & IoT iBeacon technology.

Smart City Web Dashboard

Track garbage trucks and aggregate data on routes, pick-up times, and inefficiencies.
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