Smart Cities

Smart Cities is about concerning the public issues either in individual or group activity aspects. Well, the citizen’s concerns are getting modernized and diversified. Governments of various national landscapes have changed their citizen engagement policies with the usage of the Internet of Things. The question here is – why? What do these motion sensors or beacons have to do with the nation’s citizens? What is the role of clouding information in the daily life of these citizens? What good GPS trackers and WI-FI enabled networks to do to these individuals?

Smart City | ez enRoute

The IoT innovations in your city play area can snatch away your children from their smartphones, laptops, tablets, games, and social media. The best possible citizen engagement that IoT facilitates! Our solution can work for sensing pollution in nearby air that can breathe out the authorities to overcome it soon. Public transportation networks with our IoT fittings will let citizens and travelers track easily through GPS. It will make them time-savvy.

Smart City - Mobile Application

Smart City - Dashboard

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