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Better Assurance for Parents about Safety of their Child

Quite a comprehensive solution in terms of features ensuring better safety assurance for your child while using the school transportation system.
iBeacon Technology | ez enRoute
iBeacon Technology
Tracking based on touch-free iBeacon technology. They just need to carry the sensor with them and do not require any tapping or manual interaction
IoT Security | ez enRoute
Completely Secure
iBeacon sensors do not contain any data as such within them so there is no scope of data theft in any case. Along with that, these sensors do not have any health effects.
Easy to Manage
Easy to Manage
Our apps are designed keeping in mind all sorts of users and are very user-friendly. You can manage all aspects related to school transportation through a simple interface.


Get real-time notification of routes and stops. Just simply monitor student tracking on your hand no matter wherever you are. Deliver complete assurance!


Comprehensive features ensure better safety assurance for your child for every day on the bus!


The only solution with iBeacon (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensors – attached to ID cards or child’s backpack – to track and record check-in and check out on the bus. No tapping required, no room for human error!


Get real-time notifications as child boards or leaves the bus, with specific locations. Notifications throughout the transit to track your children from the bus stop to the school and back home.


Live, real-time bus tracking on the map, from the time it starts out for morning pick-ups to arrival at your home and through a trip to school and back from school throughout afternoon drop-offs. SOS alert notifications to all parents for emergencies or delays.


Built with comprehensive security protocols ensuring the safety of data and information transferred during the processes. Also, our sensor itself contains NO data, so your child information’s is completely secure.

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A comprehensive solution for student tracking.
Driver App

Keeping an eye on multiple children on the bus is no easy task. This Driver App is an effortless layer of automatic and manual attendance monitoring for students taking on the bus. Whenever the driver starts the route, parents will be notified and whenever a student enters on the bus it will detect his attendance on the bus automatically via beacon technology.

School Organization & Transportation Providers

School bus operators & School organizations can track live school bus runs with every route and stop the notification and get emergency alerts. This web platform gives IoT Solutions for Student Transportation.

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Track live student bus location on your hand with real-time notification. This is what parent will need it for better safety assurance for students.
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