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Present market scenario

It has always been a big challenge to ensure field workers’ safety, track them remotely and, achieve better regulatory compliance. Industries are constantly looking to execute the activities of an industrial or field worker more effectively while improving efficiencies, reducing non-productive work and providing a safe work environment. The convergence of global industrial systems with advanced technologies like wearables, low-cost sensors and data analytics not only connect machinery but also field workers including laborers, fire fighters and mine workers with a centralized system. An IoT-enabled connected worker solution brings monitoring capabilities to the next level that make workplaces more efficient, transparent, safe and productive.

Key Challenge

  • Unexpected accidents in the field
  • Improving worker performance
  • Enhancing employee experience
  • Tracking workers
  • Ensuring worker safety
  • Reducing the risk of errors
  • Improving data accuracy
  • Creating visibility in the process work status

Know how you overcome them?

Ensure a better working environment with a connected industrial worker solution

Connecting the industrial workers, in addition to having fully-connected system has now become a feasible solution to achieve better operational efficiency and to ensure worker safety and productivity. Along with connected assets and machinery, connected workers can help a company gain better regulatory compliance and get a real-time glance at worker activity and health.

IoT-based connected worker solution is essential for industries including…

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IoT-based connected worker solution

Improved Worker Safety

Factory managers can generate and analyze reports of the current work environment. They can also get alerts in case of critical environment conditions.

Prescriptive Analytics

To monitor the efficiency of current safety procedures and policies by analyzing the information gathered by multiple sensors, which are installed in the system.

Compliance Friendly

Collects and stores data for compliance checks in order to prevent hazardous conditions. The data collected can prove to be handy during audits.

Workforce Planning and Optimization

Integration of project management software with human capital management software will allow companies to improve workforce wellness and to keep track of workforce productivity.

Workforce safety, industrial zones & assets

Our Internet Of Things for shipyards – (IoT) enabled people tracking solution, comprising of miniature sensors, gateway, device management framework and dashboard software provide new insights on movement of physical objects within premises such as shipyards, factories, warehouses, hospitals etc.

  • Ready to deploy IoT sensor based tracking solutions
  • Integrate high autonomy, reusable sensor devices with physical objects
  • Smartphone alerts based on wait time or movement
  • Choice of on-premise and cloud solution
  • Range of asset tags to deploy on various objects
  • Long battery life to ensure low cost on maintenance
  • Full software suite for people tracking and equipment monitoring
  • Compliant with all international norms – Atex, RoHS, CE etc

Our solutions mainly apply where long term projects are involved; like shipyard, construction of commercial spaces, tunnels, public utility buildings etc. The measurement helps in improving workplace safety, reducing operational bottlenecks, improve accountability and visibility.

People Tracking Solution helps in:

  • Data analytics to understand potential choke points during peak hours
  • Knowledge about worker movement to improve utilisation of facilities
  • Control and audit movement, theft and misuse of high value equipment
  • Monitoring the movement of objects between floors & locations
  • Understanding the working environment of temperature controlled areas

Asset tracking in shipyards, factories & warehouses

  • Alerts on machinery, trucks, cranes, forklifts entering or leaving the work site
  • Ensuring the availability of critical spares and their location
  • Keeping track of important files on confidential contracts and purchases

Without proper tracking methodologies, one cannot measure the loss of productivity, violation of safety norms and prevent unwarranted situations. Like when a business operation is unable to locate machinery or a critical spare inventory quickly or location of key people such as engineers, supervisors etc. in large work sites.

Lack of clarity in understanding the workflow resulting in long queues and frustration leading to inferior workflow process and operational efficiency. This can lead to lower satisfaction, increased costs, safety risk in industries and loss of revenue.

The same could be told about visitors – suppliers, consultants and other people entering high security areas such as warehouses, shipyard, bank locker rooms etc. Can also be extended to physical objects such as laptops, circuit boards in an equipment, industrial transformers etc.